Our Top IAM Blog Posts for Education in 2016


Earlier this week, we released the most popular blog posts in 2016 from our Enterprise Blog. So today, we wanted to do the same with our K12 and higher education blog posts. After all, we’ve covered a variety of identity and access management (IAM) topics this year on our Education blog, including unique IAM challenges in higher ed, managing contingent users, provisioning users with multiple roles, and student data rostering.

After sifting through these topics from the past year, we’ve pulled out our top 5 Education IAM blogs from 2016. Here they are:

1. Houston Community College Turns to Identity Automation to Automate Lifecycle Management & Ad Hoc Access Requests

Houston_Community_College.jpgHouston Community College (HCC) is the fourth largest community college in the United States, with more than 80,000 students, faculty, and staff. The college also serves a significant external community, bringing the number of user accounts the school’s IT staff is responsible for managing up to 140,000. The eight person Central Systems Administration team at HCC was charged with building and managing an identity management infrastructure... READ MORE

2. Contingent Users in Education: the New Normal

coworkers.jpg You may be working alongside one of them and not even realize it: a substitute teacher, an adjunct professor, or a special education contractor. They’re all contingent workers - employees hired for a time period of one year or less with a specific end date; they could be full-time or part-time. Over the past decade, a trend has emerged in academia of these contingent workers being hired, and we’ve seen it accelerate... READ MORE

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3. Our CTO, Troy Moreland Discusses Joining IMS Global and the OneRoster™ Standard

 OneRoster Thumbnail.jpgAs you may have heard, we recently announced that we have become an Affiliate Member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium. The OneRoster standard is a subset of the Learning Information Services standard that focuses on the school’s needs to exchange roster information and grades. Currently, Identity Automation is the only vendor... READ MORE



4. Auto Provisioning for Users with Multiple Roles

auto-provisioning-for-users-with-multiple-roles.jpgAre you using an identity and access management (IAM) solution designed for the enterprise to manage user identities and access privileges at your community college or university? If so, then you’ve likely already run into some serious difficulties—and if you haven’t yet, it’s only a matter of time. An increasingly complex IT environment and growing number of users that require access to systems and data have made.... READ MORE


5. Higher Education's Unique Identity and Access Management Challenges, Part 1

higher-educations-unique-identity-and-access-management-challenges-1.jpgIn today’s educational landscape, universities and colleges face distinct identity and access challenges unlike those encountered in retail and other commercial environments. And while retail, financial services, and the like are generally viewed as higher-risk from a cybersecurity point of view, the risks to higher education are just as critical. In fact, higher education “accounts for 17 percent of all reported data breaches, ranking second only to... READ MORE


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