Uninett Selects Identity Automation as the Comprehensive IAM Solution Provider for Norway’s Research and Education Sector


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Left to right: James Litton, CEO of Identity Automation, Dr. Tom Røtting, CEO of Uninett AS

Identity Automation, provider of RapidIdentity, the most complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform on the market, today announced it has been selected as the IAM supplier for Norway’s higher education sector by Uninett AS, a state-owned infrastructure company leading efforts to digitize higher education in Norway.

Identity Automation was selected as the IAM supplier following a detailed Uninett investigation to determine the ideal vendor capable of deploying an comprehensive IAM system across Norway’s research and education sector, including a total of 38 universities, colleges, and research institutes. The project will leverage RapidIdentity’s robust identity lifecycle management and identity governance and administration capabilities to ensure end-users have a single identity throughout Norway’s higher education system, regardless of a user’s role or position at each institution.

The flexibility and scalability offered by RapidIdentity separated Identity Automation from other vendors with the company’s extensive API libraries for direct integration also being a deciding factor.  

“We are proud to be chosen as the top solution to deliver a central identity management solution to Norway’s higher education sector,” said James Litton, CEO of Identity Automation. “Our RapidIdentity platform will provide complete control over identity governance and administration activities for all Norwegian universities and ensure that users can access higher education systems nationwide through a single, individual identity.”

“Introducing new, national multi-campus ICT solutions across the research and education sector is and will always be quite challenging,” said Dr. Tom Røtting, CEO, Uninett. “However, we believe that a new and unified IAM system will have a positive impact on cybersecurity and cooperation within our R&E community. Signing this agreement is an important milestone for us, and I am very pleased to have Identity Automation on our team. They have valuable experience to offer, delivering IAM solutions to the Research & Education (R&E) sector.”

Uninett is only the latest multi-organizational implementation undertaken by Identity Automation. The company has an established background of scaling in large, higher education environments. Explore Identity Automation’s higher education solutions at www.identityautomation.com/how-we-help/your-industry/higher-education/

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