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3 Ways Retailers Can Use Identity Management to Improve Efficiency

The retail landscape is changing quickly and evolving like never before. Internet and multi-channel retailing have completely altered the way people shop and do business today. Retail IT Departments are now charged with managing higher volumes of employees and customer access requests. Identity management is here to help those understaffed IT departments keep up with the flood. Here's how:

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The Secret to Providing Secure Access on and off Campus: Identity Management

Most college students use technology on a daily (if not hourly basis), and view it as an essential tool. Students use technology to complete a variety of tasks, especially in relation to coursework, such as research and turning in homework. Modern students expect their school’s technology to integrate seamlessly into their lives and make the learning experience easier. And that’s just the average college student; budding engineers and technological geniuses expect their college to provide them with up-to-date hardware and software solutions.

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How well do you know Identity Automation?

“Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points.” - Knute Rockne, legendary Notre Dame football coach.

Since joining Identity Automation in 2011, I’ve seen the company grow significantly and embrace major technological change. From consulting to software development and from implementation to support, we’ve evolved into what we are today - a  leader in identity and access management for education, K-12 and Higher Education.

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Is Your School’s IT Department Overwhelmed? Automation Can Help

School’s back in session. With the influx of new students, returning teachers and temporary staff coming back online, requests for account creations, resource partitioning and call support elicit groans across countless IT departments.

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Exclusive: Identity Automation and ISSA Luncheon Success

Last month, Identity Automation sponsored the South Texas Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Luncheon in Houston, TX, and it was a huge success!

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Important Security News: Update your Adobe Flash Player now

Last week, Adobe issued an emergency security patch fixing a critical flaw in its Flash Player that could allow a remote hacker to take complete control of Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

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Internal Threats are Real: Observations from IT Summit 2015 in Houston

After Houston SecureWorld, we hit the pavement again and headed for IT Summit 2015 in Houston last week. We found that our mission to educate enterprises and education institutions about the dangers of rogue employees is also the war cry of others! 

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Identity Automation at Houston SecureWorld 2015

Last week, a couple of us on the Identity Automation team attendedHouston SecureWorld 2015 courtesy of a special invite from the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA). Many thanks to our friends at ISSA for the opportunity to serve on their behalf.

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Identity and access management for 10 million users? No sweat!

Identity Automation was featured in a recent Network World article:

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Version 3.1 Product Release

We are excited to announce the release of ARMS and DSS Version 3.1 on April 1st. This release has several bug fixes as well as many new features. The new features we would like to highlight are the new Mobile UI for ARMS and the Multi-Factor Authentication for FIMS.

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