Our Top Healthcare Blogs of 2019



This year has been an exciting time as we’ve continued to expand our presence in the healthcare industry! Following our 2018 acquisition of HealthCast Inc., we hit the ground running with a series of new healthcare content.

One theme we explored through our blog this year was cybersecurity in healthcare. The amount of data breaches in the industry is truly sobering, and further highlights the need for more comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM). Our top healthcare blogs of 2019 highlight this focus on cybersecurity, as we explore what organizations can do to mitigate security risks and protect patient data.

Closeup portrait, young smiling confident female doctor, healthcare professional talking on phone, giving consultation isolated background hospital park- Patient visit health care- Positive emotions-31) Preventing the Top Healthcare Cybersecurity Risks with IAM, Part 1 - Social Attacks & Phishing Schemes

In healthcare, the pressure is always on to drive down overall costs and provide higher levels of patient care. The result: a never-ending quest to increase efficiency. EMR’s, telehealth tools, and other third-party IT solutions that enhance productivity and streamline clinician workflows have become the norm ...Read More


shutterstock_124622647-12) Putting Identity and Access Management at the Core of Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry

With constantly evolving security and compliance regulations, it may seem impossible for healthcare organizations to sustain a high level of security, while also ensuring quick, efficient access to systems and data. As an added disadvantage, healthcare organizations often operate with outdated systems and a shortage of cybersecurity talent--but have highly valuable patient data to protect ...Read More


rsz_gettyimages-823310748_1-13) Preventing the Top Healthcare Cybersecurity Risks with IAM, Part 2 - Malware and Ransomware

Over the past 10 years, the healthcare industry has experienced a drastic rise in cyber attacks and data breaches. The number of reported healthcare-related data breaches has consistently grown every year since the Department of Health and Human Services began tracking breaches in 2009--and 2018 was no different ...Read More


shutterstock_742777474-1-14) How to Build a Robust Cybersecurity Strategy by Implementing a Healthcare Security Framework, Part One

Often times, healthcare organizations have point solutions to address critical areas, but are still concerned about their broader security needs. In order to remove complexities in the identity management space, we constructed the Identity Automation Healthcare Security Framework ...Read More



Healthcare data breach-15) Preventing the Top Healthcare Cybersecurity Risks with IAM, Part 3 - Hacking

Cybersecurity breaches continue to plague healthcare organizations. Every month, new horror stories about patient data being compromised hit the headlines. Despite this, and the evolving regulations in healthcare, the fact remains that the industry is still behind when it comes to cybersecurity ...Read More


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