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M&A Integration: The Top Four Identity Management Challenges

*Disclaimer: This article originally appeared on Forbes.

In recent years, mergers and acquisitions have seen a record number of transactions and continue to draw staggering figures. According to a recent IMAA report, 2018 saw about 49,000 global M&As with a combined enterprise value of $3.8 trillion. This year is projected to have similar or greater numbers.

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Increasing Healthcare Security & Usability with the IAM Maturity Model

Identity and Access Management (IAM) in healthcare is designed to achieve the balance of strengthening security measures and enhancing clinical workflows through efficient access to digital tools and records— all the while meeting HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

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Breaking Down the Identity and Access Management Capability Maturity Model, Part Two

Maturity models can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of current capabilities and set a prioritization level when an organization is ready to advance its capabilities. When applying a maturity model to Identity and Access Management (IAM), however, it’s important to examine the key tenets of an overall IAM strategy.

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Navigating Identity Lifecycle Management with the IAM Capability Maturity Model, Part Two

Recently, we discussed the Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) Maturity Model, including how ILM fits into a modern identity and access management (IAM) system and benefits organizations as a whole. ILM centers around the creation of identities, taking appropriate actions for any changes, and the removal of identities across all the services and applications end users access within an organization's ecosystem.

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How to Build a Robust Cybersecurity Strategy by Implementing a Healthcare Security Framework, Part One

Often times, healthcare organizations have point solutions to address critical areas, but are still concerned about their broader security needs.

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Navigating Identity Lifecycle Management with the IAM Capability Maturity Model, Part One

One of the most powerful tenants of any modern Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, and arguably a necessary foundational layer from a security perspective, is Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM).

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How Automated User Account Lifecycle Management Addresses Multiple Role Challenges in Higher Ed

Recently, we packed our bags and traveled to the scenic village of Lake Placid, New York for the 2019 State University of New York (SUNY) Technology Conference.

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Delegated Administration: A Powerful IAM Tenet that Increases Business Agility, While Empowering Employees, Part One

One of the most powerful features of any modern identity and access management (IAM) solution is delegated administration. This core feature gives business users of an organization the ability to perform basic IT functions, such as new account creation, role and group assignment, and access requests, all without the capabilities and permissions typically tied to a privileged IT role.

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Mergers & Acquisitions: How IAM Solutions Make Day One Access a Reality

So your company is buying a company….

This is undoubtedly a huge step forward for your organization and a reason for celebration, but if you’re part of the IT department, you might be more focused on the long list of important tasks to be done immediately after the contract is signed.

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EDUCAUSE 2018: Higher Education's Struggles and Successes with Identity and Access Management

Last month, a group of our higher education experts packed their bags and traveled to Denver, Colorado to participate in the much anticipated 2018 EDUCAUSE Annual convention. Once there, they enjoyed three action-packed days completely dedicated to technology in higher education.

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