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Buying Identity Management: Single Vendor Platform or Multi-Vendor Point Products? Part 3

When selecting a solution for your organization, you may find yourself weighing the merits of point solutions versus a single platform. In part 1 of this series, two considerations were weighed: procurement effort and implementation difficulty. In part 2, we discussed integration complexity. This post will cover five long-term factors you should consider. 

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New RapidIdentity Product Capabilities Released in Fall 2017

At Identity Automation, we are continuously releasing new product capabilities for our RapidIdentity Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. We’ve had a few releases this fall and wanted to make our customers aware of key capabilities that have been released over the past several months.


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Buying Identity Management: Single-Vendor Platform or Multi-Vendor Point Products? Part 2

Last week we kicked off a four-part series on evaluating a single identity and access management (IAM) platform versus using point products from multiple vendors for your security needs. The first post covered procurement effort and implementation difficulty; today, we’ll discuss integration complexity.

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Buying Identity Management: Single-Vendor Platform vs Multi-Vendor Point Products—Part 1

There can be no doubt that cybersecurity threats are real and increasing in volume and complexity. Not taking a proactive stance puts your organization at high risk for a breach. According to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, 62 percent of data breaches last year were the result of hacking. Of those hacking-related breaches, 81 percent were caused by stolen or compromised credentials.

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Why You Must Consider IAM Before Your Cloud Migration

With an incredible 
95 percent of organizations already using the cloud in some fashion, it’s no surprise that there is an endless stream of advice on how to achieve a successful cloud migration.

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Reporting with RapidIdentity, Part 1 - The Basics

This blog series will focus on reporting with RapidIdentity. Reporting performed within RapidIdentity provides a streamlined approach to obtaining meaningful identity and access management (IAM) data that helps you understand events in a contextual framework and facilitates sensible decision-making. This data can be centered on particular users, groups, or other events within an organization.

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How RapidIdentity Protects Student Data & the EFF’s “Spying on Students” Report

Within every market—whether it be government, business, healthcare or education—it’s crucial that identity and access management (IAM) solutions are designed and implemented with close adherence to the latest government, regulatory, and best practice security frameworks and laws, in order to help organizations meet their compliance goals and to ensure the integrity and security of their user data.

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Starting, Stopping and Managing AWS Instances: Managing Infrastructure with RapidIdentity, Part VI

As more and more organizations realize the benefits of “cloud computing," the demand to host applications and services in the cloud continues to rise. Identity Automation and many of our customers have moved significant workloads into Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud-hosted environments, and as a result, the need to automate and manage tasks in these environments has become more commonplace.

Amazon has provided management API’s to accommodate these needs and RapidIdentity allows customers to use them, in order to provide the same automation and “ease of use” in managing their cloud resources that they have come to rely upon for their day-to-day, on-premise IT processes.

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Announcing the Latest Releases of  RapidIdentity and RapidIdentity MFA

Upgrade now for new report templates, password alternatives for Chromebooks, and remote start-ups, logins, and shutdowns.

We are very excited to announce the latest releases of RapidIdentity 4.2 and RapidIdentity MFA 4.8 (formerly 2FA ONE) and want to share the details of the new capabilities available to those who choose to upgrade.

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Performing OpenVAS Vulnerability Scans: Managing Infrastructure with RapidIdentity, Part 5

In today’s digital world, information security has quickly become one of the foremost areas of concern for individuals and businesses alike. Particularly in the business realm, government regulations, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), require close security auditing and penetration testing in order to ensure consumer, patient, and business data are handled securely (i.e. storage, retrieval, transmission, and authorized access).

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