British Airways Cyberattack Emphasizes the Need to Get Security Basics Right, Part 2

The recent British Airways breach is only one of many recent breach headlines, but it got us thinking about the importance of getting security basics right. All too often, the biggest breach headlines—and the ones with the largest financial and reputational impact—are the result of minor and preventable security vulnerabilities.

Hackers continue to use the same tried and tested techniques because they know that, all too often, companies aren't putting enough time and effort into basic security measures.

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Our Top Healthcare Blogs of 2018

This year, we shined a bright light on healthcare. With our acquisition of Healthcast, Inc in July, we deepended our expertise in this industry and added some top notch, award-winning solutions to our list of offerings.

In celebration of this, we’re dedicating this blog to the top performing healthcare content of the year starting with our most popular healthcare blog by far, the announcement of our expansion with the addition of the HealthCast product line.

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Our Top Education Blogs of 2018

Last week, we released our top IAM blog posts of 2018. This week, we’re narrowing our focus to the education space. K12 and higher education face unique identity and access management (IAM) challenges that we’ve covered in a number of posts this year. We’ve sifted through these posts and pull a sampling of this year’s best education-focused IAM content.

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Why School District IT Must View HR as a Partner for IAM Implementation Success, CETPA 2018 Recap


Another successful IAM technology conference on the books! Identity Automation’s top K12 education experts attended the CETPA 2018 Annual Conference last month in Sacramento, California.

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Our Top Enterprise Blogs of 2018

The year has come and gone, but before we jump head first into 2019, we’re taking a look back at 2018. And this year has been busy for us! From the completion of our Multi-Factor Authentication series to our top performing Benefits of Single Sign-Onpost, which garnered huge popularity, this year has been a show stopper.

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Is Your District Keeping Up with the Top EdTech Trends? If Not, Here's How IAM Can Help, Part 3

Remember the three Rs (reading, writing, and arithmetic)? They’ve been joined by the four Cs: collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication, thanks to growing usage of technology in the classroom.

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EDUCAUSE 2018: Higher Education's Struggles and Successes with Identity and Access Management

Last month, a group of our higher education experts packed their bags and traveled to Denver, Colorado to participate in the much anticipated 2018 EDUCAUSE Annual convention. Once there, they enjoyed three action-packed days completely dedicated to technology in higher education.

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British Airways Cyberattack Emphasizes the Need to Get Security Basics Right, Part 1

On September 7, 2018, British Airways disclosed that a data breach had impacted customer information taken from approximately 380,000 booking transactions conducted between August 21 and September 5, 2018.

Although the attack wasn’t elaborate, it was effective. A cyber attacker installed malware on British Airways’ website using a known security vulnerability to introduce malicious code that altered the behavior of the booking website—without penetrating the network or servers in a way that could trigger additional alerts.

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Healthcare and Google: How Chrome's Devices and the Cloud Are Improving Patient Care

While Chromebooks have long dominated in the education space, they are now making inroads into other industries as more organizations shift away from traditional desktop computers to portable and low-cost thin client devices.

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Is Your District Keeping Up with the Top EdTech Trends? If Not, Here's How IAM Can Help, Part 2

In part one of our series on EdTech trends, we looked at the top three trends in 2018 and what they mean for schools. These trends—data-driven instruction, using technology to equip students with 21st century skills, and Google’s dominance in the classroom—all have the power to transform the way today’s students learn and perform.

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